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We are proud stockists of Good Fish and Olive Green Organics. The gluten-free pasta range is wholesome and cooks easily. It doesn’t feel like you’re eating a gluten-free pasta! The Good Fish has ruined us for any other range of canned fish. The glass jars of fish are truly top-shelf, premium, never-had-better fish of choice.
— Anna Ward, Goodness Me Organics Retail

The Olive Green Organics story

Camilla Mahony founded Olive Green Organics in 2003 with the aim of scouring the globe for the best, most authentic and most environmentally sustainable products on the planet — foods that serve both those who eat them and those who produce them.


We celebrate the source

At Olive Green Organics, we go all out to source our ingredients from their rightful place of origin, places where these goods are in sync with the environment and the culture that has cultivated them for thousands of years. This results in the highest-quality goods that help preserve and protect the communities where they hail from.

We commit to our farmers

We directly deal with farmers, fishermen and producers who have sovereignty over their own businesses and have every interest in producing the best products possible. Their goods are created with love, integrity and pride. We have worked tirelessly to find these lines from far corners of the globe and we are with our suppliers for the long-term.

We make responsible food choices easy

People are demanding more transparency in what they eat. They want ethically sourced real food with real flavour. We do the hard work researching and finding the best produce so our customers don't have to worry about their decisions. By buying from our ranges, our customers can rest assured they have made the right choice, both for the customer, the environment and the people who bring you these wonderful foods.

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’You must, must, MUST try the royal quinoa and rice pasta. Our household cannot be without it. Every person in our family deals with some sort of health issue and traditional wheat pasta would cause us gut problems - this pasta is kind and gentle, and our kids don’t feel like they’re missing out, and once cooked it doesn’t fall apart! Our kids love it cooked with butter melted through, it’s that simple!
— Kelly Bracegirdle, Melbourne
There is no other quinoa or gluten free pasta we would recommend. We love that it’s an ethical, sustainable and organically focused company with similar beliefs to our own.
— Simon Lawson, owner, Agape Organic Food Truck

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After establishing Olive Green Organics, founder Camilla Mahony then launched the now-booming Good Fish range of preserved fish, sourcing only the world’s most sustainable, ethical and healthful varieties to import into Australia. These top-selling lines now set the national standard for quality preserved fish, from only the world’s purest and safest waters. Review our products here or read the full stories here.

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Recipe inspiration

Olive Green Organics foods aren’t just good for the planet and the producers who bring you these exquisite products. They also are wonderful to eat.

So wonderful in fact that we can’t wait for you to try them for yourself.

Click on the images to go through to our inspiration gallery, full of great ideas for easy meals the whole family will enjoy.


Feature products


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We recommend Olive Green Organics Gluten Free Pastas to all of our friends, whether they need a gluten free option or not. Once we found the Olive Green Organics range we were SO excited to find a gluten free pasta that not only cooked well, but tasted great, left us feeling healthy AND it was organic! I can’t recommend these pastas enough.
— Jacquie Harsh, Blue Mountains
As soon as this fish came into the market it outshone all its competitors. What I love is the transparency of the company and the quality of the product. My customers love being able to buy good, clean fish especially when packed in glass jars! This is one of the products that I reorder more than anything else. I have recommended Good Fish to many other retailers and they have all been amazed at the feedback.