We have three products in our kids range - Quinitos, Andean Pops and Baby Annelini – each made in Bolivia at a Fair Trade processing facility and each certified organic and gluten free. Every product is allergen free and entirely delicious, providing great lunch box fillers and healthy snacking options without the guesswork.

Quinitos – Original, Coconut & Honey, Chocolate

Tasty puffed royal quinoa and rice crackers in three irresistible flavours – original, coconut & honey and chocolate. Our snack bags of Quinitos are packed full of organic ingredients, providing a delicious - and ethical - nibble to be enjoyed by little and big kids alike. The ideal choice for any health-conscious individual with a sweet tooth, you can rest assured our Quinitos are every bit as wholesome as they are fun.

Andean Pops – Coconut & Honey, Chocolate

Our boxes of deliciously sweet Andean Pops in either Coconut & Honey or Chocolate are a no-nasties alternative to sugary cereal. Full to the brim with natural flavours and free from gluten, they offer a reassuring whole andnutritious start to the day. Enjoy them with milk or yoghurt first thing in the morning, slide them into lunch boxes or use them in baking for extra crunch.

Baby Annelini

Reliable, great-tasting gluten free pasta for little foodies to enjoy. Made from a blend or organic rice and quinoa and allergen free, our Baby Annelini offers greater digestibility suited to growing children. Add it to soups for a protein boost or simply enjoy with your kid’s favourite pasta sauce.