Bolivian Royal Quinoa

We source all our quinoa from the high-altitude salt flats of the Bolivian Andes, where nature intended. It is grown organically in the rare soil native to this area and farmed by hand on small, family-run plots as it has been for thousands of years. 

The unique environmental factors found in this area give our quinoa its superior characteristics and provide the best-tasting products for our customers. Unlike its North American counterparts, our premium heirloom seed is large, protein-packed and cooks up to be fluffy and deliciously nutty. Put simply, our quinoa is the highest quality you can find because it is able to thrive in its rightful source. 

But celebrating the source isn’t just about taste, it’s about partnering with local farmers to improve work conditions and protect a vulnerable food culture that extends back to the Incas. At 4,000 metres above sea level, harsh conditions prevent farmers from growing anything else here. Our quinoa protects the vulnerable Bolivian food culture and ensures farmers have a market for their produce. 

Convenient and versatile, it can be served hot or cold in the place of rice or couscous, and is also great in salads and soups.

Quinoa products: Royal White Quinoa, Royal Red Quinoa, Andean Grains Mix (White, Red, Black Quinoa & Amaranth), Royal White Quinoa Rolled, Royal Quinoa Puffed.


Like our quinoa, we source our amaranth from the Bolivian Andes at 2,500 metres above sea level, where it has been cultivated and eaten for over eight thousand years. 

Our scrumptious, organically-grown amaranth has a firm texture and a mild flavour that is both nutty and sweet. It offers an excellent source of protein – containing twice as many proteins as most other grains – as well as being full of fibre and iron. 

Requiring very little water to grow, this pseudo-grain is a sustainable and responsible food choice for conscious consumers. 

Super versatile and full of goodness, amaranth is a kitchen staple that can be added to breakfast foods, cooked into delicious meals and used in baking. 

Rolled amaranth – Rolled amaranth is a great alternative to oats and can be used in baking or to make nutritional porridge. 

Puffed amaranth – Give your breakfast foods a light crunch or enrich home-made sweet treats with protein, fibre and minerals. 

Amaranth Products: Andean Grains Mix (White, Red, Black Quinoa & Amaranth), Amaranth Puffed, Amaranth Rolled.